Finished Products
Fishing Lures

Blades Netherlands

201. Netherlands coat of arms
202. Windmill
203. Netherlands cow
204. Netherlands tulips
205. Windmill
206. Netherlands houses
207. Netherlands classical cheese plane
208. Kissing couple
209. Netherlands tulip
210. Kissing couple
211. Netherlands short cheese plane
220. Pizza knife coat of arms
221. Pizza knife windmill
222. Pizza knife tulips
223. Pizza knife tulip
224. Pizza knife kissing couple
230. Bottle opener coat of arms
231. Bottle opener windmill
232. Bottle opener tulip

Wine bottle holders

Grill Tools

400mm, 480mm

Outdoor kitchen

Telescopic BBQ fork

Products with wooden handle
1. Cake server Cake server
3. Cheese plane Cheese plane
4. Cheese plane Cheese plane
5. Cake knife Cake knife
6. Cake fork Cake fork
7. Butter knife Butter knife
11.Cheese knife Cheese knife
25.Carving fork Carving fork
29.Dessert knife Dessert knife
30.Dessert fork Dessert fork
35.Cheese plane Cheese plane
37.Butter knife Butter knife
43.Cheese plane (short) Cheese plane (short)
48.Cheese plane (cow) Cheese plane (cow)
49.Cheese plane (elk) Cheese plane (elk)
51.Jam spoon Jam spoon
53.Bottle opener (elk) Bottle opener (elk)
56.Cheese plane (lamb) Cheese plane (lamb)
57. Cheese plane (rabbit) Cheese plane (rabbit)
58.Cheese plane (viking) Cheese plane (viking)

Production list
Product name Wooden handle All-stainless
1. Cake server x x
2. Pizza server x x
3. Cheese plane x x
4. Cheese plane x x
5. Cake knife x x
6. Cake fork x x
7. Butter knife x x
8. Cheese axe x x
9. Bottle opener x x
10. Coctail knife x x
11. Cheese knife x x
12. Crayfish knife x x
13. Paper knife x x
14. Dessert ladle x x
15. Sauce ladle x x
16. Salad server spoon (standard) x x
17. Salad server fork (stadard) x x
18. Salad server spoon (large) x x
19. Salad server fork (large) x x
20. Salad server spoon (standard short) x x
21. Salad server fork (standard short) x x
22. Salad server spoon (large short) x x
23. Salad server fork (large short) x x
24. Carving knife x x
25. Carving fork x x
26. Table knife - x
27. Table fork - x
28. Table spoon - x
29. Dessert knife x x
30. Dessert fork x x
31. Dessert spoon x x
32. Coffee spoon - x
33. Tea spoon - x